ARIA invites AI enthusiasts to meet and interact, while developing ideas in a fun and challenging environment: the first ARIA Hackathon! The event aims at bringing together people that are passionate about AI, as well as to demonstrate the practical side of AI in its different forms. You will have the chance to test your practical skills while exploring different AI techniques and technologies.

The hackathon takes place on June 2, 10:00 a.m., at Casa de Cultură a Studenților, Bucharest. Participants will group in teams, and each team will take on an idea. A mentor will be assigned to each project, with the purpose of guiding the team”s efforts. Registration is required in order to participate. We will give you some ideas for the hackathon, but you can also submit your own proposals during registration. Just make sure you bring your laptop!

When: June 2, 10:00 a.m.
WhereCasa de Cultură a Studenților, Bucharest