4PSA accelerates communication and team collaboration. For 10+ years, we have been engineering technology that enables service providers to deliver cloud services – automation, enterprise PBX, voice, video, instant messaging, and mobility. Our software is growing fast, over 10,000 brilliant partners trust VoipNow to deliver services to SMBs and organizations world-wide.

We Are Clouders

We are an engineering company with a deep focus on technology. Since almost half of our team are girls, we’re pretty unique for a tech company.
For more than ten years, we have been designing Cloud communication software. We don’t believe in outsourcing. Our code has always been fully designed and implemented in Romania. That didn’t stop us from creating the first Cloud PBX platform in the world – VoipNow. Currently, VoipNow is the most technically advanced Unified Communications platform for service providers on the international market.
Instant teamwork, 100% fun! That’s our motto. We’re so attached to it that in the past few years we built an entire product around it. Through instant collaboration, Hubgets increases team productivity and makes work fun. Our app helps teams collaborate in real-time, offering them instant access to information and resources.
Teamwork and fun speak also about our culture, not only about the software. We like doing things in the fast lane and have fun along the way. We don’t have a dressing code and walk around the office in our slippers or barefooted. We have the best coffee in town and we love making weekdays extraordinary – free lunch on Happy Tuesdays, a large selection of fruits every Wednesday, and complimentary drinks on Thirsty Thursdays. We celebrate success and party hard on each anniversary. During the summer, Clouders go out and play football and tennis and some of us can’t keep away from riding our bikes. For those who prefer exercising indoor, we have free sports classes and access to our own well-accessorized gym.
We’re obsessed with gadgets. You can tell by our impressive tech collection including 3D printers, hoverboards and an Oculus Rift. Each Clouder works on 2 x 24 inch monitors connected to virtual machines that make our jobs much easier. Every year we have special events like Verb Days, our internal hackathon, internship programs, and free personal development training sessions. The most talented students taking part in our Cool Summer Internship program are invited to join our team and benefit from a customized working schedule that enables them to attend university classes.

How to Apply

Between March 1st and April 30th students can apply for our internship openings on our website. No cover letter needed. A resume in English or Romanian will do.
We know that early hands-on experience is vital to becoming a good engineer. That’s why we have challenging internships and ambitious graduation programs. We make students part of our teams and encourage them to write code from day one. Most interns get their pull request approved to a production branch on their first week. Getting students to use their brain to the max is the ultimate goal and reward for our mentors. Find out more on how our internship program works.

Meet Us

Many Clouders have started their career at 4PSA through an internship, so why not come and meet us?
Our Bucharest office is on 20-22 Bilciuresti Street, Sector 1, Bucharest, 014012, Romania.
Check out our website, blog, and our Facebook page, if you want to know us better.
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