Electronic Arts Romania has seen incredible growth over recent years. Situated in a fantastic new building, in a great area of Bucharest, the studio is home to many of Romania’s most creative and talented IT professionals. We proudly contribute to the on-going success of many EA products, including the ever-popular FIFA and Need for Speed franchises. Quality Assurance Division, which is another important part of EA Romania, is dedicated to testing a number of EA’s key franchises on a range of platforms. Their dedication and hard work has brought appreciation and recognition from gamers all
over the world who can enjoy high quality games.
EA Romania has a great culture. It promotes curiosity and innovation, and is based on the values of achievement, customer satisfaction, teamwork, integrity, ownership, and getting things done. Our teams and our people are what make the studio what it is; friendly, professional and creative, they love working in EA’s relaxed and fun environment. We believe that the best games start with the best people!
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At EA Romania, we love the fresh boost of energy that our interns bring every summer and is always a pleasure to meet young and enthusiastic students, coach them in discovering the insights of building triple AAA games and what happens behind the scenes of great titles such as FIFA or NFS.
The internship experience is built to be a complex one, covering tech aspects specific to the role (such as coding), but also helping students develop skills that will be helpful through their professional adventure: feedback, communication, teamwork, everything spiced up by some fun activities such as Volunteering or soft skills trainings.
Come work with us, grow your career and help build world class games that entertain millions of people around the world! 
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