OSF Global Services optimizes applications and transforms technology to propel businesses, making them more profitable, productive and competitive. We accomplish these goals through a combination of cutting-edge skills, domain expertise, and best practice methodologies. Our SLA-grade services portfolio includes: Applications Development, Enterprise Application Integration, Multilanguage Product Support, Application Testing, Virtualization Services, Cloud and SaaS Integrations, Enterprise HR Cloud Solutions and Customer Support Outsourcing.
OSF Student Internships
Our 2018 internship recruitment campaign is seeking candidates for positions such as front and back-end developers specialized in Commerce Cloud, PHP, Salesforce (Apex) and Sitecore, and QA testers. This program is adapted to all academic requirements, aligned with the school calendar, and offers both paid and unpaid opportunities. A mentor is assigned to each participant to help guide and support them through their learning process.
OSF Academy
Our learning program is open year-round to any junior software engineers.

What you need.

» A computer and a good internet connection since the program is delivered remotely;
» You should be willing and able to start this journey every month, when the program begins;
» You need to be open to learning theory, but also in applying the knowledge that you’ve gained during the program. Achievement of this will be demonstrated through the development of an e-Commerce site.

What we offer.

» Training materials, carefully selected information, and useful links to help you achieve your learning goals. These items will be customized depending on your chosen specialization– front-end (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), back-end (Node.js/Mongo .db) or QA Testing;
» Support from a dedicated person who will answer your questions and will help you to overcome any challenges that may arise along the way;
» A paid account on Codeschool where you can obtain information in an interactive and fun way;
» A job offer in our e-Commerce division at the end of the program if you obtain good results;
» 1 month of training. We offer a flexible schedule that is dependent on how much time you wish to invest.
Send Us Your Application
Please use the application form on our webpage to enroll in either the OSF Student Internship or OSF Academy.
Don’t forget to mention in the additional comments section which main technology track (front-end or back-end) that you’re most interested in.
We’re looking forward to meeting you!