We are a software solutions provider with offices in Bucharest and Brașov (Romania). We are a dynamic and professional team of software engineers, an organization based on trust, verticality and determination.
What makes us different!
We deliver No excuses, no blame game. We communicate, we understand and we deliver quality software on time! Every time! No matter how difficult it may be.
We build  loyalty We have learned that trust is built on results and we always aim for long-term partnerships. Over 80% of our customers are recurrent with multiple projects delivered.
We care about our work It is not just a job. We take pride in our work. We enjoy building software that matters. Software for people, that solves real problems. We always enjoy a challenge and we take pride in our results.
We highly value intelligence, sharp spirit and self-determination. We also value technical knowledge, experience and background. But most of all, we value leadership, team skills and the will for continuous self-improvement.
We wisely choose our team players and we are always looking for A players to join our team.
Solid knowledge is the result of a sustained and continuous learning process. This is why we
encourage continuous, structured learning and training. The result is that all of our people hold at least one technical certification or business degree.
We work in a relaxed and creative environment and we have a strong preference for blue jeans.
However, we firmly believe that software development also requires discipline, formalization and hard work sometimes. We are willing to draw higher goals higher and always enjoy a challenge.
If you have a genuine interest in programming, are passionate about technology and you have a strong sense of humor then we are interested in meeting you.
Please send us your resume at jobs@essensys.ro and we will contact you.